Thrive Feed 15kg

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4500 year old concept, 21st century processing.
My equine nutrition for the 21st century was created using the latest technology, high quality ingredients, and advanced processing, but the concept of neutralizing enzyme inhibitors in raw grain has been around for a long time, just not in the Western World. I have achieved results that are challenging to beat. Thrive Feed aids in rapidly building strong, powerful, useful, muscle. It nurtures a calm disposition, and supports all the energy requirements a horse demands. Whether it’s building a champion race horse, growing a foal, feeding a senior horse, or re-building a starved rescue horse, Thrive Feed delivers on my promise of excellence.


Regardless of what you are building, you cannot create the best from industrial waste products. I start with high quality, wholesome, pure ingredients. The process I use to produce Thrive Feed can only create the results I demand by using the very best raw ingredients I can procure. My fundamental requirement is, “always use high quality raw ingredients.” It goes without saying that any byproducts, ground roughage products, generic groups of ingredients, and human food production waste products like beet pulp are not on my ingredient list. Essentially, what goes into Thrive Feed you would be happy to eat yourself.

​Micro milling.
The process of micro milling creates a meal with a huge surface area. This allows the digestive enzymes, bile salts, bacteria, and protozoa to efficiently convert Thrive Feed into useful nutrients.

The micro milled raw ingredients are conditioned, then steam extruded.
The process of wet steam extrusion processes the raw starch in the ingredients and makes the starch water soluble. This allows the horses digestive system to treat Thrive Feed as though it was grass. Ingredient conditioning, and then wet steam extrusion increases the digestibility dramatically, it’s over 90%. Most of what you feed becomes horse and not poop!

Gut pH support to promote remarkable digestive efficiency.
The hind gut pH of a horse is critical to the efficient utilization of forage grass and hay, a horses basic energy source. The most efficient microbial energy converters in a horses gut like a more alkaline environment, and that is just what Thrive Feed supports. There is no raw starch in to ferment into acid and alcohol in the cecum and burning the cecal lining.

More efficient use of hay and grasses, just the way it should be.
A horses gut is most efficient when the intestinal pH is in the correct range. Because Thrive Feed encourages a desirable pH in a horses metabolism, the enzymes work efficiently in the small intestine, and the bacteria in the cecum flourish in the more alkaline environment. A more efficient use of grass means less total feed intake in the long term, and that saves you money.

Training becomes easier, Thrive Feed is the first step.
Thrive Feed was not manufactured to be just another horse feed, there’s enough of them already on the market. I made Thrive Feed to be a tool to create specific outcomes. The number one outcome I was demanding was a horse that was easier to train. Many articles have been written about the profound learning improvement in school children when they are taken off junk food and fed a wholesome diet. I have applied the same principles to equine nutrition. Thrive Feed is my answer to a trainers dreams. I like horses I am starting to be focussed and relaxed, yet full of controlled energy. People have already witnessed me take unbroken horses, feed them Thrive for two weeks and then have them riding soft and relaxed in only a week or so. Nutrition is the first step trainers and clinicians miss!

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