St Hippolyt Equiguard Classic Pellets 25kg

Additional information

St. Hippolyt Equigard Classic is a cold pressed grain and mollasses free pellet, with a very low starch and sugar content.


  • Ideal for good doers and overwight horses
  • Grain and molasses-free pellets (gently cold pressed)
  • Very low starch and sugar content
  • Rich in low glycemic fibers, with herbs, seaweed, oils and oil fruits
  • Special mineralization to stabilize the carbohydrate and fat metabolism
  • Moderate copper content to improve the zinc-copper ratio

St. Hippolyt Equiguard Classic Pellets are ideal for overweight horses that have to be fed a low-sugar and low-starch diet or are at increased risk of metabolic problems due to their constitution. It is also an ideal choice for horses on box rest or during convalescence.

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