Saracen Shape Up Balancer 20kg

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  • Horses During Reduced Exercise
  • Good-Doers
  • Horses Prone to Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome
  • Horses Requiring Slow Release Energy
  • Horses with Poor Hoof Quality


  • High in digestible “Super-Fibres”
  • Low in Starch (7.5%) and Sugar (7%)
  • Recommended intake of biotin to support hoof and horn quality
  • Contains cinnamon for palatability and antioxidant support
  • Provides a source of Omega-3 fatty acids to aid in maintaining joint health and mobility
  • Contains Acid-Buf for digestive health – supports optimum pH in the hindgut
  • Includes a mycotoxin binder to support normal bacterial balance in the digestive system
  • Contains Magnesium for cell sensitivity


SHAPE-UP™ is a low starch, high fibre mix designed to provide a balanced diet at low intake levels, and to help maintain a normal,healthy metabolism. It can be used as a calorie (energy) controlled ration for those with an increased risk of metabolic disorders to meet micronutrient requirements whilst maintaining a low starch, sugar and calorie ration, which is also beneficial to those that may be prone to excitable temperaments.

SHAPE-UP™ is the result of nearly two years of research and development and incorporates some of the most recent and up to date nutritional innovations for horses and ponies that require a low starch and low-calorie feed. The ration is based on Saracen Horse Feeds’ “Super-Fibre” technology, meaning that energy is derived from slow-release, fibre sources that produce a minimal glycaemic response post feeding. The high fibre content of SHAPE-UP™ and the inclusion of an original acid neutralizing ingredient also helps to maintain a healthy digestive system for good-doers that may be on a restricted forage rations.

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