Rowen Barbary Solution Mash

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Under 1% Sugar


Key Points:

  • Cereal & molasses free with under 1% total sugar.
  • High levels of oils, alongside key antioxidants, for overall condition.
  • High digestible fibre to support hind gut health.
  • Yeasacc 1026 for optimum fibre & mineral digestion.
  • Fully balanced in essential nutrients for overall health & vitality.

A palatable mash designed specifically for horses requiring a specialist diet, Rowen Barbary Solution Mash is suitable for horses that need a higher calorie diet for conditioning and controlled weight gain whilst being ideal for those that suffer from a starch and sugar intolerance.

With no cereals and a very low starch and sugar content (under 1% total sugar) it is suitable for horses and ponies that suffer from laminitis and Cushing’s syndrome. High levels of oils, alongside key antioxidants, provide an excellent source of slow release energy whilst helping horses to achieve the required body condition.

The high fibre content helps to encourage slow rates of digestion througout the hind gut providing an excellent source of slow release energy from the structured fibre. This is particularly valuable for horses requiring a diet that is sympathetic on the digestive system. The super fibres also have an excellent water water holding capactity to help improve fluid intake.

Yeasacc 1026 is added for optimum fibre and mineral digestion within the hindgut along with herbs garlic, spearment and fenugreek to help promote overall health and vitlity. Rowen Barbary Solution Mash is also fully balanced in all the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Soaking Guide: Soak for 60 minutes with 1 part dry feed to 2 parts water, or to your preferred consistency.

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