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NAF Magic 5 star is a food supplement for calming anxious, restless and tense horses.


The strength of NAF 5 Star Magic Liquid is in the combination of highly absorbable magnesium and herbs that contribute to calm and focused behaviour. Magnesium deficiency can lead to strained nerves and muscles. Sport horses, which are trained hard and travel a lot, are also at a relatively high risk of developing a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium supplements are widely available. The addition of herbs known for their soothing, relaxing and concentration enhancing effects enhance the results of NAF Magic 5 Star compared to other magnesium supplements.

Nervous and stressed behaviour should be thoroughly investigated. If it is found that there is no clear indication of what is causing stress, the solution can surely be sought through food supplements. Magnesium is a crucial element in the body and plays a major role in muscle function. One of the signs of magnesium deficiency is tension in the muscles. Other symptoms are nervous behaviour, loss of appetite and sweating. The stress can often arise during hard work and frequent travelling, and the suckling period of mares, all of which increases the risk of magnesium deficiency. The grass which horses graze contains relatively little magnesium, but a lot of potassium. Potassium reduces the absorption of magnesium, and a behavioural change in the spring may be an indication of a magnesium deficiency in the horse’s diet.

In the wild, horses have plenty of herbs available to them. These may help the muscular and nervous systems. Adding only magnesium to the diet may not be sufficient in all cases. For this reason, NAF Magic 5 Star Liquid contains not just magnesium, but also a refined mixture of plants which are used in herbal medicine to allay stress and reduce stress related behaviour.

NAF Magic 5 star is also available in the form of a powder: NAF Magic 5 star powder. To aid bowel function, pre and probiotics have been added to the powder.


For anxious, restless and tense horses and/or ponies that may also suffer from a magnesium deficiency, due to an unnatural diet, a lot of travel or poor soil.

  • Administer a high dose of 50 ml per day. In the case of acute stress (such as contests, shaving, trailer transport), a higher dosage can be given for 3-10 days.
  • Maintenance dosage of 25 ml per day. NAF 5 Star Magic Liquid can be use over a prolonged period as part of a daily feed.

Shake well before use. The product can be given directly into the mouth, or mixed with food.

A 1 litre packaging given at a daily dose of 25 ml per day is sufficient for approximately 40 days.

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