NAF GastriAid 1.8kg

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GastriAid has been developed by leading veterinary nutritionists to provide daily protection and maintenance to the gut. The prevalence of gastric ulcers in horses is growing, and not just in racehorses


NAF GastriAid has been designed to naturally support the absence of ulcers in the stomach, by defending the stomach wall from acid build up and helping to maintain the correct pH balance in the gut. NAF GastriAid therefore provides daily protection from stress related gastric problems, including ulceration.

GastriAid is an advanced formula that contains natural antacids to defend the stomach wall from acid attack, as well as pre and probiotics to help balance the pH levels within the gut environment. NAF GastriAid has proven very successful and can be fed daily to provide protection from stress related gastric problems in your horse.

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