Burgess Supa Dog Chicken

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Burgess Supadog Adult Rich in Tasty Chicken is a complete dog food suitable for adult dogs from 12 months.

Check MarkHighly digestible ingredients
Check MarkAdded calcium for healthy teeth & bones
Check MarkSpecially formulated for all breeds


Burgess Supadog Adult Rich in Tasty Chicken has tasty, moist chicken chunks naturally rich in protein for good muscle development and maintenance.

 *Made with highly digestible ingredients to support healthy digestion

 Maize free recipe as it can be a cause of intolerance in dogs

 *Carefully cooked cereals for energy and vitality

 Moist, meaty chunks for extra enjoyment

 Biotin and Zinc to support skin and coat health

 Added calcium for healthy teeth and bones

 *Natural antioxidants to support the immune system

 Specially formulated to be suitable for all breeds

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